Nights without you… Day 3

Throughout my life I’ve noticed that diseases seem get worse at night, as if the lack of sunlight somehow clears the way for the intruders and thus the fever increases. With your illness, the same pattern emerged and with it, I began dreading the coming of night.

Ever since your departure, Lua, the intruder has been your absence. Like your fevers, it comes on stronger at night and makes my pulse race, my anxiety grow, and the inconsolable crying return. I don’t look forward to it being nighttime at all. I don’t want the silence of the dark reminding me that the sun of this home has gone out.

“But here I am, mom… right by your side.”

It’s amazing how much we depend so much on our physical sight… I can’t see you any longer and not seeing you tortures me. What I miss the most is touching you, being able to feel your breath, and being able to run with you.

“This is your opportunity to expand the horizons of your 5 senses and to acheive complete perception.”

What do you mean, Lua?

That by being motivated to ‘find me’, you can begin to feel things that you couldn’t before and to recognize presences in places that you thought were empty. I’m still here. I decided to adopt the form of Lua in this spiritual body. Before this, my soul was that of a girl from another world. Now, I am your Lua. I loved my life on earth and with you. My experience gave me a deep understanding of connection and I feel very connected with you and our family. I will continue being Lua indefinitely, and I will continue to be close to you… still in the same plane but in different dimensions.”

And after that?

“Afer that, we’ll see. I think I’m going to want to go back to earth … but talking about ‘afterwards’ is relative from here. Here there is no time, you don’t feel tired… you don’t feel much, in fact. You feel… hmmm… how to explain it… infinity, peace, and connection. You have the opportunity to see other worlds and feel the immensity of the Universe and also to stay close to a specific reality, like I’m doing right now with you.”

What will our readers think of all this, Lua?

“Nothing, mom. They’ll probably just think we’re writing science fiction. So let’s continue…

Dear readers, this is Lua and I invite you to open up to believe that this conversation is really happening and that I am addressing you from the other side of the veil… can you allow yourself to imagine that? Yes, you! The one who is reading this. I am Lua and I speak to you from beyond, that ‘beyond’ that you have imagined many times. That place that you have wondered about it’s existence your entire life. You wonder if all the beings you’ve ever known that have transcended will be there or not. No, I don’t have direct contact with them specifically, but if you wish, I can search for them. Do you have someone you’d like me to sniff out? I no longer have a super-powerful nose, of course, but if you want me to help you to contact a particular person here in spirit, just share a bit of their energy cord that connects you to them with me. It will be a cord of some bright color. You will see that color in your mind and it will give me clues as to where to find them. When you want to talk to any of them, let me know. How do you let me know? Well, you have to talk to me with your mind connected to your heart and you will receive my answer.”

“What!? Did you stop believing? Do you think it’s a joke? A story?… Or do you still believe. Let’s not call it ‘believing’ or ‘disbelieving’, that sounds unbelievable in and of itself. Let’s just call it ‘the game of peeking into other realities’. Do you want to play?”

I’m not sure if that encourages them to keep reading us or not, my beloved Lua. Life on earth is full of distractions and we have “science” that limits us, that indoctrinates us from childhood that anything we can’t see or touch belongs strictly to the world of our imaginations and that everything that happens there, in the “imaginary world”, is a lie.

“But don’t they say that if something happens then it’s real? If you imagine something,, doesn’t it become a memory. How do you erase something that you already imagined?”

Well, let’s not go too far. These are complex issues and we could go on for hours and question the best way to define “existence”. Why don’t you tell me about the purpose of all this. Why are we sharing these things? Why do I feel this impulse to write? What are we doing?

“Well… you’ve always wanted to give voice to dogs and non-human animals in general, a dignified voice that does not assume what it doesn’t understand and that is open enough to listen and to really understand. You’ve stuck to it and one thing has led the other to bring us here. There are many beings that want to be heard and many beings that want to listen. We need more ways and open hearts to break the barriers of the mind. I knew that your cause and motivations would allow you to transcend those limits and that your great love and curiosity to understand would lead you to listen to me even in this new space and in this new way. Those who have an open heart or at least enough curiosity to open it and connect little by little will listen.”

What would you like to achieve Lua? What do you want to share? What do you want to talk about?

“Everything. I want to talk about many things that I could not talk about from my dog ​​body. Before starting to touch on particular topics or open specific doors, I need to learn more about the dimension in which I find myself. I still feel a bit of earthly emotions, I still feel strange without my body. They tell me that it will pass soon, although as I said, here time does not feel like it does on earth, so I don’t really know what ‘soon’ means. The Great Spirit doesn’t speak Spanish, nor English, nor German, it speaks the language of the heart. What happens in conversations like this is that through that incredible receiver called the -human brain- a living person can decode these messages using the ‘heart-brain-heart’ connection.”

Ay Lua, what adventure are we getting into now and how am I going to stop missing you?

“You don’t have to. ‘Missing’ is just another version of losing. When we are connected through love we never lose each other, that connection never stops existing. You know ‘time and space’ as tangible dimensions, you live them. Well, love is a dimension too. It’s a dimension above all other dimensions and it surrounds everything. Through love we can travel in less than an instant to the other side of several universes. When you feel you miss me, connect with me, imagine me, and I will be there by your side. I already told you the other day, I can not touch you like before but you can feel my cold nose a little bit when you want to.”

That makes my hair stand on end! Is it something like in the horror movies where they feel the presence of ghosts?

“Yes, but it’s not scary. It’s me, how am I can that be scary? It’s only scary when it comes from a trapped and angry energy that contain trauma and frustration. In my case it is not like that. I’ve decided to stay here close to you, nobody’s ‘trapped’ me.

By the way, thanks for that. Many times when the energetic family of a being generates distorted attachments and they don’t really want a relative to transcend and to leave the physical body, the being clings to that existence and a kind of spell happens where either the soul can get trapped…either in a body that’s technically still alive and for some reason can’t die (like people in a coma, for example) or results in a tormented spirit after the body dies. You let me go when it was time, and you gave me the freedom to choose my process. You understood that process and supported me in all ways possible. You were able to listen when I told you that it was enough and when I had to leave. You accepted everything and your love allowed me to fly without guilt, without pain, without attachments. You allowed me to be free. And using that freedom I can choose to stay. Well I think I’ve already talked too much for today.”

I could stay writing and talking with you for hours. It comforts my soul and I also find it fascinating to be able to experience all of this. I know I’m writing things that would not have occurred to me alone and that amazes me, it is a truly unique feeling.

“Yes, it’s something special. And yes, we could write for hours, but it’s not ideal. Let’s stop here and see what the day has in store… and tomorrow we can resume.”

Lua, if it’s possible for you appear in my dreams tonight, it would be great. Maybe it will help me to sleep better and not to feel that dark desolation at night.

“It’s your brain, mom, causing that desolation. If you turn it off for a while, maybe we can coexist in the astral.”

How am I supposed to turn it off?

“Meditate before sleep :)”

Okay, I will. Thanks for sharing this space.

Note to reader: If you read this and think I’m going a little crazy and only having these conversations in my head, it’s probably best that you not read further. I won’t stop writing and sharing the upcoming episodes of this adventure. If these dialogues seem implausible to you but you’re curious, I ask you to suspend your disbelief for a while and read them as if they were just “science fiction”. Try not to judge what you read, listen with your heart and let your imagination fly.

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