Everything has a spirit… Day 6

Yesterday it wasn’t just us, Lua, it was Leo too. He was much quieter than usual. Seeing him so sad made me sigh. I know he misses you… you were the only one who really understood him and who adapted yourself to the way he plays. Leo growls and bristles his hackles when he wants to play, and his body language is usually confused with a display of aggression. Very few dogs can understand his body language and I would say that only a couple of dogs throughout his life have been able to engage with him in a sincere conversation. Yet you did it on a daily basis. Little by little, he learned new dance steps, new gestures, that were much more congruent with the theme of ‘play’. Only you could have ever achieved that… and he misses you for it.

I see the frustrated look on his face when Jake misunderstands his invitations to play or when Maggie interrupts his attempts to play with her son. I know he thinks about you often. I see how he’ll suddenly look for you in places where you used to be or how he sometimes hesitates before getting up on the couch, fearing you will scold him. He turns to look at me as if to say ‘are you sure I can get on the couch? That’s Lua’s spot’. You are sorely missed, my pup.

Today I was thinking about something that I’ve said so many times: “there are no two dogs alike and no two human beings are alike”. And the truth of this hit me right in the chest. Although I never took for granted even one of your days and I was grateful to have the fortune to be with you in each moment, this reality is different without you and I never saw this coming. There will never be a second Lua. Even if you decide to return, you will not be the same.

“Of course I won’t be the same. Who wants to repeat themselves? My most recent life came to an end in the way that it did because it was meant to be that way, its the way I chose it to be. I completed everything that I wanted to (and even a little more than expected because there are always surprises). I lived a short but very intense life, I lived what many dogs take years to live… because you gave me my freedom.

Dogs that are born without a family have complete freedom and this state of freedom forces them to connect with survival as the first objective. Until they manage to make friends and the feeling of security begins to increase, can they move on to ‘other activities’.

On the other hand, many of the dogs that have the good fortune to share homes with humans, also have the misfortune of a gross lack of freedom. The hard and fast rules and the extreme boundaries that humans impose on them, cause the dog to forget its nature and turn into a ‘repressed humanoid’ and this limits them greatly. This is neither good nor bad. It just IS and has different consequences that provide different opportunities for growth and evolution, both for humans and for dogs.

What a great fortune I had… we had. Regardless of the environment we found ourselves in, my boundaries were always congruent, always possible, and you gave me the time I needed to understand them. I had the opportunity to learn by observing and interacting with my surroundings… and this changed the whole story.

I didn’t choose the body of an ‘average’ dog nor a quiet one. I chose a complex and accelerated body. The vessel of a Belgian Malinois is a biological being with many demands. It absorbs a great deal of its environment and this easily leads to confusion and being caught up in fear. I knew it would be a challenge for you and the family to choose this vessel, but a challenge that we knew we could handle. We agreed on it together, at a soul level, because only that configuration would provide the degree of accelerated learning that my mission with you required.

I wouldn’t want to repeat my experience. Besides, even if I did, it would be impossible. We achieved what we intended to learn together, and it allowed us to move on to this second stage of our mission together.”

What is your mission, Lua? Tell us more about it…

“My mission is made up of many missions. My existence, since being on the planet earth in the shape of a dog, has branched out and connected with others in multiple ways.

Everything that exists, absolutely everything, has a soul, has a spirit. Whoever does not believe this, denies everything they see while allowing their own disconnection to continue taking place inside of them. Each being enjoys a unique and particular configuration, one made up of energy codes that radiate their own unique projection. All of our interactions involve an energetic exchange. In these energetic exchanges, things happen that either clarify our vision and fill us with love, joy, and life or that cloud us over, infect us with shadow, confusion, and lack of love. Both types of exchange have a purpose.

I don’t want to use words like -good or bad- or -positive and negative- because they are value judgments. They lead us to judge everything until we fall into a constant state of unhappiness. Help me find the way to write what I want convey…

An exchange on the ‘light’ spectrum (light as in ‘clear and luminous’) fills us with energy. These interactions are meant to -charge us up- and to activate emotional and energetic resonance within us. These interactions teach us things like joy, fun, laughter, realization, and clarity.

There are other encounters where an exchange takes place on the ‘dark’ or gray spectrum where we usually feel an energy loss. These exchanges have the purpose of teaching us how to generate our own energy, to learn to transform the darkness into light and to experience the other emotional spectrum; the one where we feel separated, alone, sad, or angry. Both types of exchanges are necessary for spiritual evolution.

To be able to see the light, we need at least a little darkness, or how would we know the difference? Discernment and growth could not occur if there were no differences.

One of the
wonderful things about being a dog is that a dog doesn’t label what happens to him as -bad-. Therefore, a dog never feels miserable. Dogs value ​​everything that happens to them and integrate it as an opportunity for growth because they don’t judge it. They receive it and accept it immediately as part of reality. They don’t long for a different life than they have. Dogs live whatever they have the opportunity to live and they transform it.
It’s hard for the human being to understand the perspective of a dog or any other mammal because they have forgotten how to be one.”

How to be one what, Lua?

“A mammal. Mammals don’t go through life choosing what to believe and what not to believe, they accept “the whole” and connect with it. The human being, with his unique brain, has captured frequencies that didn’t belong to him, frequencies that tuned him into a reality that doesn’t belong to mammals, a reality that doesn’t belong to him. These frequencies began to seduce him towards separation and domination. Little by little, he stopped listening through the heart and began to believe only what his brain perceived and translated… and that’s how -beliefs- were born.

Each person operates from a different set of beliefs and constantly tries to define and limit what they experience. Everything goes into boxes, has a label, a price, a value… everything is compared. An ant loses importance while clothes gain power, a plant loses relevance and competes with a –fill in the blank-.

And so the reality of each individual becomes distorted, disconnected from the collective reality that prevails among the other mammals on earth and that’s the real origin of what the humans perceive as –the terrible current reality-.

I want to talk a little about children. Today, children learn early on to compare one piece of cloth with another. They learn about brands, learn to compete for a higher grade or for a more expensive toy. They learn to kill by ‘playing’ to obtain points and progress to higher levels; they learn to consume everything through their brains alone and there is very little of the heart involved.

The parents work most of the time, so the child goes to school from a very young age and the separation begins. The vital connection and activation of the heart center that occurs in the family nucleus gets interrupted. And this interruption starts from birth in most cases, where the baby is snatched from the mother in a cold hospital room where she is already disconnected through drugs that promote the automation and mentalization of the whole process.

Yes, it sounds like “The Chronicles of a Death Foretold”, I know. It costs so much work to reconnect and recover our natural compass. There are many mental barriers that have to be broken down and it seems that the discipline necessary to achieve it is lost to the social demands that we have imposed on us. The problem has become way too complex.

The paradox of it all is that it’s very easy to fix; so simple, in fact, that it seems ridiculous… and therefore unacceptable.”

(…to be continued…)



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