The Grand Plan… Day 10

Ten days now! Ten strange and eternal days. I can’t stop looking for you in the eyes of other dogs… in everything I see, actually. I wonder how long this winter will last.

However, after our last session together, after that dream, something changed in me and I was finally able to get back to work. You filled my soul with the desire to move on, my love for you moves me to continue on with my mission and I want to listen to you again. What do you want to say to us today, my Lua “ojos de sol”?

“That I’m still here. And I’m not leaving. I’m not only with you both, I’m also with other people. I’m visiting people connected with me. There are many, you know. The connections are multiplying.”

And why do you visit them, Lua?

“I have different intentions, or rather, they have different intentions. They all have wounds and they all have dogs too. The dogs can see me, smell or feel me in some way, the people, not so much.

One woman that I visited yesterday was surrounded by a layer of grayness. I couldn’t see her face. Her dog felt very sick though she’s not very aware of it. She thinks he’s only being lethargic. I went to talk with her dog and helped him transform the energy that was stagnating in his body and he lightened up a lot. This morning I visited them again and the gray layer of the person is fading. I could already see her face. Her dog felt very ill again and I helped him with the “cleansing”.

What happens is that dogs and nonhuman animals that live in a family, sometimes take on the role of -helper-. They help people to filter energies and lighten their emotional load. This usually brings physical consequences for the individual. For example, this dog is helping his person to lighten a great negativity formed by pain and resentment. The dog’s help prevents the person from getting sick, or at least not as sick, but at the same time it can make the dog himself ill. In this particular case, it causes him chronic joint inflammation. That’s how his body filters the energy and where he feels it the most.

Humans can help these dogs, cats, parrots, etc. to cleanse their energy and emotional bodies, but when they don’t know how and the individual does not manage to transmute the energy fast enough on their own, it stagnates and the animal becomes ill invariably.

I’m also helping to lighten the burden of my friends, although my help is not appropriate in every case. Two days ago I visited another person who has a dog and a puppy. The female is somewhat saturated with emotions, these emotions alter her, make her more nervous and more irritable than usual. She told me that she fears losing control. I asked if she wanted to receive my help, and she said no, that it was necessary for the person to face the consequences so that a real cange can happen.

All the living beings that inhabit the planet earth (in the present, past, and future) are connected through the electromagnetic field of our Mother. The collective memory is stored in this great electromagnetic feild and all the smaller electromagnetic fields that inhabit the planet are connected through it.

In this cosmic-terrestrial network, all agreements and connections are stored. Through this medium our spirits communicate with each other. There are spirits that decide to stay even after their body dies (like me) and actively participate in the continuation of this network. Other spirits that have already left, leave behind impressions, or ‘codes’ that some of the living will need in the futre and so on. It is an impressive network of energy and information.

I have agreements with many beings and I feel complete and radiant to be here in this particular connection point.

As I do not perceive time here in a linear way, I need to ask those in the physical world if it is time to collaborate or not. If I did not first ask before intervening and deliberately -clean or transmute- things that I do not have perrmission to do so, I could interfere with the missions and intentions of others. When the help happens at the right moment, it assists evolution. Otherwise, it hinders it.

Through this work, the agreements of those who are most aware of the connection between us become activated. By that, I mean those who in some way feel a conscious connection with me. There are others that are connected but their connection is not yet active. I have no way of knowing if it will be activated or not. All I know is that it all belongs to the plan.

‘The Grand Plan’… it definately exists, although there are countless ’emergent plans’ that exist beneath it. An emergent plan is created when someone is not completely connected and that disconnection causes other types of events, or triggers, to happen. These triggers are designed so that eventually this individual connects in totality once again. These emerging plans are pathways toward fulfilling the Grand Plan… afterall, everything is connected. From a terrestrial point of view, the emerging plans make everything slow down and seem more dramatic, more painful, and more chaotic.

When one lives directly connected to the Grand Plan, then you live differently. Anguish, pain, grief, anger, greed, abuse, and suffering decrease drastically and the individual begins to feel more and more complete, lighter, more serene, happier. Let’s not confuse happiness with joy. Happiness is a state of fulfillment, satisfaction, acceptance, and contemplation. It is not directly an emotion. Although yes, happiness leads us to feel emotions that nourish the spirit and connect us.

I want to say again to our readers that yes, it is true. Not only what you can see and touch exists. There are many more than just the five senses and each of these “extra” senses connect us with a new world. What worlds would you like to discover? What things do you question and have asked yourself since you were a child?

I love the planet earth, it is a beautiful place full of life and hearts that beat, all the time… pum-pum pum-pum pum-pum… without stopping. Definitely, someday, I’ll be coming back.”

I love you Lua, thank you for being present. Thank you for speaking to us and for sharing your magic and these additions to our reality. I hope you’ll come back with us, you will always have your place here with us.

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