Who is Lua?

Lua is an incredible dog, full of surprises and mysteries to share. She was born on February 27, 2016 somewhere in Mexico. We adopted her at 3.5 months of age and she came into our lives to revolutionize everything. Her breed: Belgian Shepherd Malinois*, her species: incredibly dog, her stellar origins: a very special soul that came from far away, from another galaxy to visit the earth for the first time. Lua, she was always different than everyone else, too unique, too smart, too empathic. Many will say that these are natural traits of the Malinois breed, and I agree. I know the breed well and I have shared my life for 9 years now with Leo, who is also a Belgian Shephard. Lua had a couple of extra notches, as if her volume knob could somehow go beyond the maximum and blow out the speakers… yeah, like that. She figured this world out very fast and decided to change form. She touched the lives of many and continues to do so, teaching me that there are no barriers when real connection exists and time and space are no obstacle. Lua grew up “free-range”, always making her own decisions and observing us carefully. She understood her surroundings deeply and beautifully integrated herself into our souls.

Lua decided to fly free on February 12, 2018 at 12:00 noon … 717 days in this world and her stay changed everything.

*Note to reader:  The Belgian Malinois is a dog that demands constant attention -literally all day, every day of their lives-. They have a very high energy level and need plenty of space, patience, love, force-free training, and knowledge about their species and breed. They are not dogs for people who only want a companion animal. To adopt a Belgian Malinois without being aware of their needs and without being willing or able to satisfy them is a serious mistake that will end in abandonment and in a dog with serious problems of fear, aggression, and difficulty integrating into human society.

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